“No More Ballparks” — Oculus’ Palmer Luckey Admits Screwing Up Rift Price-Point Messaging

Yesterday VR fans eager to get their hands on the consumer version of the long awaited Oculus Rift headset learnt what co-founder Palmer Luckey meant when he said the price would be in the “ballpark” of last year’s $350 dev kit. The cost of “that ballpark” turned out to be $1 short of $600.

Predictably people were pissed. Commenting on the big reveal, TC reader Tom Kerrigan wrote: “This is an unreasonable and unrealistic price. Twice companies have tried and failed to bring VR to market and failed. The only people that will buy this are the suckers that will buy anything to look cool. For the general gaming market this will fall flat. A VR headset should be no more than 200 ish.”

Luckey was presumably expecting to have to field some backlash on pricing given…

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