Miles and Milan is a new online retailer selling baby clothes that don’t suck

I’m a terrible uncle, but every once in a while I get the urge to do nice things and shop for clothes for my nephew and niece. But once I get to a store, the urge fades almost instantly (sorry Sam and Noa).

The reason?

Everything I see is terrible. Why must baby clothes be so cheesy? Why can’t they just come in basic colors, using good materials and at a relatively affordable price?

Well, Miles and Milan, a new clothing company launched by a former Converse, Levi’s and 7 for all Mankind exec, Shennel Fuller, wants to bring the Zuckerberg ethos of minimalism to the baby and toddler set.

“I didn’t want to dress my kid like a cartoon character,” says Fuller. “I want it to be like Steve Jobs for children’s clothing.”

For Fuller, the goal is minimal, basic baby…

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