Luma, Quite Improbably, Makes Wi-Fi Setup Fun

Wi-fi setup is usually pretty easy: you find a space in the house, hire a team of radio experts to scan it for dead spots and an entire IT team to manage security and QoS. Then you try to connect from the back patio and discover that you can’t watch YouTube from the picnic table.

To remedy this Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse created Luma. This tiny Wi-Fi hotspot connects using a sort of “surround sound” method to ensure there are no dead spots in your home. One unit costs $99 while three cost $249. It is available now for pre-order. Like Google before it, a custom and more clever Wi-Fi router sounds like just the ticket.

The system also offers user and parental controls so you can shut down certain devices at certain times. It connects via a private mesh network with…

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