Google Wallet vets get $19M more for Index, which helps offline retailers be more like online ones

As companies like Apple, Google and PayPal continue to hone in on virtual wallets for consumers who dream of using phones or watches to pay for everything in person without fumbling around for a plastic card or cash; a startup called Index is focusing on how to make the experience better and more connected for the brick-and-mortar retailers selling to them. After opening for business in 2013; racking up a list of customers that includes American Apparel, The Fresh Market and Fairway; and processing some $3 billion in sales, Index has now has now raised $19 million in a Series B round of funding to take its business to the next level.

Led by General Catalyst, the round also includes investment from Rob Gierkink, founder of consumer data giant Datalogix, as well as some of the…

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