Failed Powa Technologies fire sale: Ben White, Greenlight Digital divvy up and buy U.K. assets

One more chapter in the messy story of Powa Technologies, the payments startup that last raised money at a $2.7 billion valuation but rapidly sank into the deadpool on a flimsy raft of vaporware. Today, accounting firm Deloitte announced that it had secured two buyers for two parts of Powa’s U.K. business. Neither of them was Thompson Investments, the firm that was announced as the buyer when Powa first filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.K. in February.

PowaWeb is being sold to Warren Cowan and his digital agency Greenlight Digital. And PowaTag has been sold to a consortium led by Ben White. Deloitte would not comment on the details, but it looks like it is the Ben White who had been a founding partner at VC firm Notion Capital and is himself an entrepreneur, having…

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