Energysquare is a wireless phone charging pad that doesn’t use induction

Meet Energysquare, a thin charging pad made so that you don’t have to plug in your phone charger ever again. Energysquare doesn’t rely on induction like most wireless chargers out there. Instead, Energysquare uses a conductive surface as well as a sticker on the back of your phone. The company is currently doing a Kickstarter campaign.

I met the team in Paris and saw a working prototype of Energysquare. The main device is a mousepad-size device with a grid of 25 metal squares. Metal squares are nice, but putting your phone on this pad doesn’t do much.

You’ll also have to put a sticker at the back of your phone. This sticker has two tiny metal dots at each end as well as a USB or Lightning connector so that you can plug the sticker to your phone. After that, you’re…

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