Curve now lets you ‘go back in time’ and retrospectively switch the card you paid with

Curve, the mobile wallet and all-your-cards-in-one app, is rolling out a nifty new feature today that lets you retrospectively switch the card you used to pay.

Audaciously dubbed “Financial Time Travel,” the option, which I understand was first asked for by users and is patent-pending, gives you a two week window to change which of the bank and credit cards you’ve linked to Curve is charged for a particular purchase.

So, for example, if you accidentally charged a work lunch to your personal current account’s debit card instead of your expense account’s credit card, you can simply “go back in time” and Curve will reverse or refund the charge and take it from the correct card instead.

To understand why this is significant and, arguably, much-needed, here’s a recap of…

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